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Career Information

Online Catalog and Print Resources

1. Search Destiny Online Catalog
  • a. Type Job Name and Vocational
Teller Vocational or Fashion Vocational
        b. Find the Call Number and write it down
        c. Look for book in our library

You want Non-Fiction books (True Information books)
Non-Fiction books have Numbers and Letters in the Call Number

Remember: CC means Career Collection
                      R means Reference

Pay attention to copyright date information. – We want recent copyright dates.

2. Find the Occupational Outlook Handbooks
a. Turn to the Index in the back of the book
b. Look for your Job and page number

3. Find the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
a. The volumes are in Alphabetical Order
b. Find the Correct Volume Number for your Job

Online Databases and Websites

Online Databases - Requires Username/Password


Career Cruising - Career exploration and planning


CareerLocker formerly WISCareers – Career information with an emphasis on the Wisconsin Job Market.

If you are a new user, first enter the student code

Student Registration code: shs-c526

Use your school username and password
when setting up your account.


a. Type your job where it says 
"Search Handbook" 
or Click the "A-Z Index"
b. Click on the link that best matches the job you are 
searching for

a. In the Upper Right Corner, 
Type your job in the Topics A 
Z Search Box 
b. Choose the link that best matches your job interest
c. Click on Change the State and choose what state
to work in
d. Click on Modify Profile Content and choose the content you would
 like to include (probably everything)

Infobase eBooks - Requires Username/Password

We have many Career eBooks through Infobase.  

Below are some examples.  

There are many more if you log into Infobase eBooks.

******Don’t Forget to Cite Your Sources******
(Write Down where you get your information from.)

Created by Mrs. Haas
South Library Media Specialist

Waukesha South Library
Mrs. Haas - Library Media Specialist
401 E. Roberta Avenue Waukesha, WI 53186