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Tech Time

October 2015 - Staff Development

AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning 2015 
(American Association of School Librarians) 
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From edtechteacher - Teaching History with Technology - 
Presentations & Multimedia - Voice Thread

Nearpod - a free all-in-one sychchronized use of iPads, iPods, mobile phones, computers etc that includes polls, quizzes, etc.

November 4, 2013

Click Here  for YouTube Help Videos for Socrative

Hey All!

 Socrative 2.0 includes a brand new design and great new features.

You can enjoy Socrative 2.0 by visiting our Beta site Have fun with the new features and send us feedback on how its performing.  We’ll be making frequent updates and designing based on your input.

January 21, 2013 - See Below or Attached File                                   

Online Note-Taking, Works Cited/Bibliography, Outlines, and More

You may be familiar with the FREE website.  There is a subscription for with many more research features.  Our High Schools are paying for students to have access to this outstanding research tool.

You must register at school for access – then you can access at home, at school, anywhere with Internet Access

1.       Notes & Outline - Virtual Note-cards

a.       Create New Project or  Edit / Work on Existing Project -Show Health Drug Project - Notebook

b.      New Note

                                 i.            Title

                               ii.            Source

                              iii.            Quote,  Paraphrasing, Comments

                             iv.            Identifier

                               v.            Organize link – Group, Tags, Color

                             vi.            Group Notes / Note-cards together

c.       Note Details– Help

        i. Students can get immediate help about Paraphrasing, Patchwriting, and Direct Quotes

        ii. This is also found under Citation Guides tab

d.      Notes in List View – This is Inspired by Cornell Note-Taking

i. Drag – To Outline

e.      Print

f.        Outline – Write Your Thesis – Right Side

        i. Drag Notecards to Outline

g.       Sharing Your Project – Students can share projects so someone can view, edit (Bibliography only, Notebook currently “Read-Only”), and Comment – The Sharing of the Notebook is suppose to be coming

2.       Bibliography / Works Cited

a.       Tabs Going Across – Website, Book, Newspaper, Journal, Database, All 59 Options

b.      We have a lot of databases at the high school level that we purchase

 Database – Copy & Paste – Allows you to copy and paste a citation from a database into your Bibliography / Works Cited.

c.       Annotate your bibliography. 

d.      Website Evaluation Guidelines

e.      Copy and paste, email,  or share the bibliography

f.        A Great feature is you can analyze your bibliography

        Diversity of Source Types

        Database Usage

        Website Credibility

        Number of Sources

        Years Published


g.       MLA and APA citations plus others

3.       Citation Guide – Many ideas for teaching students

4.       Research            

5. Chrome Extension - Visit the Chrome Web Store to add an extension                                                        







January 15, 2013

I found this on Jennifer Peterson's Wednesday Webday Blog

Hand in Homework - Electronically!

Turn It In Form

This form allows studentse to share the web address of their Google Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or other web based assignment with their teacher.  All the submissions to a teacher are compiled into a Google Spreadsheet that the teacher can sort.

The Google Form asks the students for their first name, last name, class hour, assignment name, and the assignment link/web address.

Turn It In

Use this form to turn in your work using a link to your document
* Required

Want to create a Turn It In Form? Click HERE to find step by step directions with pictures.

Benefits of this tool:
  •  Your email and Google Drive are not cluttered with student work shared with you using Google Folders
  • You can sort the submissions by the student's name, class hour, or assignment name.
  • The submissions are time stamped so you'll know when a student hands in their assignment.
  • As you assign more assignments you can add their names to the Turn It In Form.

For this to work, the student has to make sure their assignment isn't marked as private.  To make sure of this, when clicking the blue Share button in the top right corner in Google items to get the web address of the assignment, the students can then click "Change" to change the visibility of their assignment.  

The Visibility option the students want to pick is "Anyone with the link"
Click Save and then copy the new web address to put into the Turn It In Form

Related Files

docx docx file: You need the Microsoft Word program, a free Microsoft Word viewer, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file. To learn more about the free Microsoft Word Viewer, visit the the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

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